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DBZ x Adidas

As a kid, there were a few things that I knew were a constant for me. My love for the Colorado Avalanche, yup I used to be a huge hockey fan, I was always craving Coca Cola (I kinda still do, tbh…), and I was insanely obsessed with the Dragon Ball franchise. How obsessed do you say, I had posters, playing cards, and even made class speeches about Dragon Ball Z where I started them with the theme song!

It’s easy to see why I would be really hyped up over the new Dragon Ball Z x Adidas collaboration. Being a sneakerhead has become super hype over the past few years, thanks to the introduction of Yeezys, but this collab will mean a lot more than just a typical hype sneaker drop.

For many, the drop will give sneakerheads a chance to relive their childhood. Sneakers tend to mean a bit more when they have more sentimental value rather than just being hype shoes. Some people buy specific sneakers because they’re sneakers that they never got to have as kids (I’ve got a pair of deadstock TMAC IIIs for that reason), while others rock sneakers that are re-releases of ones that they had as kids. This DBZ collab hits home just because of my obsession with the show as a kid and lets be real, as an adult too. I still catch myself watching YouTube clips of some of my favourite scenes (shout to WatchMojo for making it so easy).

Anyone can look up the pictures of all the kicks, but I’ve limited this to my favorite three pairs:

Cell – adidas Prophere

These ones have a dope dark green colorway with a white outer sole. The dark green colorway is similar to Cell’s initial design, who was a major antagonist in Dragon Ball Z. With the purple tongue,the sneaker maintains integrity with the original design of Cell.

The DunkListt | Adidas Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu – adidas Kamanda

Majin Buu was the last of the antagonists in Dragon Ball Z. Keeping in line with the other villains, Majin Buu went from a plump villain to a tiny villain with insane amounts of power. The sleek design of the Kamanda sneaker represents Buu’s final form that is bold and sleek at the same time. The black outer sole and purple laces resemble the vest that the original form of Majin Buu sported ever so fashionably with the purple cape.

The DunkListt | Adidas Dragon Ball Z

Shenlong/Shenron – adidas EQT ADV Mid

Sorry to all the dad shoes that Adidas made (Freeza, Goku, Vegeta), I’m sticking with the character who’s the all mighty in the show. Shenlong was the name of the dragon in DBZ who would grant a wish for anyone who collected all 7 dragon balls. Adidas kept true to the colorway on Shenlong with the primarily green upper, combined with red and yellow backings on the shoe. This is definitely my favorite one in the release.

The DunkListt | Adidas Dragon Ball Z

Hopefully I’ll be able to collect them all and maybe I’ll get my own wish granted…

Dine & Unwind: MDVP Holiday 17

Dunk Listt | MDVP

Last weekend, Mel, Dave, Vic, and I did our annual staycation (last year’s), this year focusing on unwinding and dining. This was a hard, treat yo-self type of situation since we’ve all been so busy. With Mel and Dave working and renovating their house at the same time, and Vic and I committing to this and working full time, we have very little time to just hang out with each other or to just chill. We set aside this weekend in the middle of the crazy holiday times to ensure that we could give ourselves a small break.

Thanks to Buick, we were able to start the weekend off in luxury going for a nice drive through High Park in a Buick Enclave. It was a great way to start the weekend because car rides are probably the most underrated way to enjoy each other’s company. It allowed us to catch up, and take in some nice scenery with snow!


Dunk Listt | Buick Enclave


We then made our way over to the Sheraton Centre. Personally, this place has a lot of value for me as it’s helped me avoid the cold in so many years past. For those of you, who try to avoid the cold as much as possible in Toronto, note that the Sheraton has PATH access! I’ve walked through countless times to avoid the cold, and have always wanted to stay in the Hotel as a guest.

Dressed head to toe in Banana Republic, we had dinner at BnB (Burgers & Bistro). I’m all about burgers, so when I heard the name, I knew I was in for some delicious food. Our drinks orders were taken promptly and included a mocktail for Mel as well. I pulled the audible at the last second (I’m that guy who chokes under pressure when ordering) and got the salmon, which was incredibly tender.



We settled up for the night and just chilled after dinner since we were exhausted. Kobe was excited to be spending the night with us at the hotel as well, especially since the hotel treated him to his very own dog bed that was about 5 times his size.  As I was getting ready for bed, I realized that I didn’t bring my face wash (that’s about the only skin care my face gets because it gets really oily), I stole some of Vic’s Estee Lauder make up wipes. It worked surprisingly well to clear up my pores and was minimal amounts of work to clear me up, exactly what I wanted after a long day.

The next morning is when we were able to really unwind. Sleeping in, a continental breakfast with a gorgeous view of Nathan Philips Square, and treating ourselves to our own spa service. With this dry winter, I had to steal some of Vic’s Origins Moisture Lotion (do you see this recurring trend of me stealing Vic’s stuff).



We enjoyed a nice chill day, took Kobe out, and got to watch Vince Carter’s potentially last game in Toronto (say it ain’t so!) during our hors d’oeuvres in the Sheraton Lounge. Last but not least, we were able to wander through Nathan Philip’s Square’s Holiday Fair, which was just across the street from the hotel. The location coincidence was perfect as I had been wanting to check it out. Although I’m not the most festive person, I know Vic really enjoys the holidays so I’ve been making more of an effort to appreciate the season a little bit more.



The next morning was a harsh check back into reality. Jackets on, boots zipped up, and we were on our way out. What a sad way to end a great weekend, but who knows, maybe next time it’ll end up with us in tanks instead of hoodies!


Gentleman’s Gift Guide

Dunk Listt | Gift Guide

During the Holiday season, most of us are in the same boat. What do I get for my significant other? The issue is long-standing, because it’s so hard to shop for someone else. No matter how well you know someone, it’s so hard to find the perfect gift. So what do you do? You look for subtle hints of what that person has talked about over the past few months of what they could want.

This has been my strategy for Vic for the past few years because she always complains that I’m impossible to shop for.  So I drop hints and hope she remembers them. Now to make it a step easier, I’ve included a quick gift guide for guys to use going forward.

1. Wireless Ear Buds

I’m that guy who still uses my old iPod Nano when I go to the gym because I only have wired headphones and I don’t want to risk my phone getting in the way of the workout. I’m always worried that if I bring my phone, then it would interfere with the workout because my headphone wire is only so long.

With wireless ear buds, you can bring your phone into the gym and set it down while you’re doing a workout or put it further away while you’re music keeps blaring.

2. Photography Backpack

Although I love my current Adidas backpack, it’s not the most conducive to helping me shoot all weekend, or sometimes, even all week. When we’re shooting, it’s more than just grabbing the camera and go. There’s all the equipment that I need to carry along. Camera body and lens, other lens, other cameras, batteries, drone?!

My current backpack is not currently designed to sit on my back comfortably for hours at a time. Rather, it’s for a quick spurt where I can stack things on top of each other. Equipment backpacks often have dividers and extra back/shoulder support where it’s needed most.

3. Grooming Kit

This is so varied depending on your routine and the amount of maintenance that’s required. I’m the type of guy who uses a face wash, and uses specific lotions for face, hands, and body.

The Body Shop has different types of men’s grooming kits ranging from ones with eye serum to others with a gym towel to use. The diversity in the products makes it so much easier when you need to shop (or have someone shop FOR YOU).

4. Sneakers

Vic is always on my case about getting new shoes and I don’t blame her, but I think she just needs to learn to embrace my love for sneakers and be supportive. Since I grew up watching basketball, Jordans have always been up on my list and it still hasn’t changed. My personal favourite Jordans are the KAWS Jordan 4s (good luck with that..), Flu Game 12s, Space Jam 11s, and Royal Blue 1s.

5. Duffle Bag

With the constant travels, a duffle bag is an absolute must. This is the best way to class it up for a weekend away where you don’t want to bring your gym bag, nor do you want to lug around luggage. A nice duffle bag will fit everything you need while making you look fresh for all the photos you’ll be posing for (ha…let’s be real, you’re most likely behind the camera).

6. Chelsea Boots

I’m also a huge fan of Chelsea boots for basically every occasion. Whether you’re just going into the office for a regular day, or you’re going to a Christmas party, Chelsea boots work with basically every type of pant and when done right, are just as comfortable as a good pair of sneakers.

7. Power Outlet

We’ve entered the realm of practicality here as power outlets are heavily under-utilized, especially when you host a lot. Regular power bars are effectient, but power outlets that include USB ports make your outlets much more efficient. This way you can have phones, tablets, laptops, and vacuum cleaneers all going at once! Cheesy? Kind of. Practical? Hell yeah.

8. Workout Gear

New year, new me, right? Well new me is smelly after workout sessions, has a limited quantity of clothes, and doesn’t want to do laundry all the time. Workout pants and shirts are welcome, preferably something breathable!

9. Watch

As equally important as shoes, ties, or any other accessory, a watch plays a critical role in your outfit. Complete your look with a watch that brings your outfit together. Despite everyone having phones and using them to tell time, there’s something about the feeling of checking your wrist for the time.

Dunk Listt | Gift Guide