DBZ x Adidas

As a kid, there were a few things that I knew were a constant for me. My love for the Colorado Avalanche, yup I used to be a huge hockey fan, I was always craving Coca Cola (I kinda still do, tbh…), and I was insanely obsessed with the Dragon Ball franchise. How obsessed do you say, I had posters, playing cards, and even made class speeches about Dragon Ball Z where I started them with the theme song!

It’s easy to see why I would be really hyped up over the new Dragon Ball Z x Adidas collaboration. Being a sneakerhead has become super hype over the past few years, thanks to the introduction of Yeezys, but this collab will mean a lot more than just a typical hype sneaker drop.

For many, the drop will give sneakerheads a chance to relive their childhood. Sneakers tend to mean a bit more when they have more sentimental value rather than just being hype shoes. Some people buy specific sneakers because they’re sneakers that they never got to have as kids (I’ve got a pair of deadstock TMAC IIIs for that reason), while others rock sneakers that are re-releases of ones that they had as kids. This DBZ collab hits home just because of my obsession with the show as a kid and lets be real, as an adult too. I still catch myself watching YouTube clips of some of my favourite scenes (shout to WatchMojo for making it so easy).

Anyone can look up the pictures of all the kicks, but I’ve limited this to my favorite three pairs:

Cell – adidas Prophere

These ones have a dope dark green colorway with a white outer sole. The dark green colorway is similar to Cell’s initial design, who was a major antagonist in Dragon Ball Z. With the purple tongue,the sneaker maintains integrity with the original design of Cell.

The DunkListt | Adidas Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu – adidas Kamanda

Majin Buu was the last of the antagonists in Dragon Ball Z. Keeping in line with the other villains, Majin Buu went from a plump villain to a tiny villain with insane amounts of power. The sleek design of the Kamanda sneaker represents Buu’s final form that is bold and sleek at the same time. The black outer sole and purple laces resemble the vest that the original form of Majin Buu sported ever so fashionably with the purple cape.

The DunkListt | Adidas Dragon Ball Z

Shenlong/Shenron – adidas EQT ADV Mid

Sorry to all the dad shoes that Adidas made (Freeza, Goku, Vegeta), I’m sticking with the character who’s the all mighty in the show. Shenlong was the name of the dragon in DBZ who would grant a wish for anyone who collected all 7 dragon balls. Adidas kept true to the colorway on Shenlong with the primarily green upper, combined with red and yellow backings on the shoe. This is definitely my favorite one in the release.

The DunkListt | Adidas Dragon Ball Z

Hopefully I’ll be able to collect them all and maybe I’ll get my own wish granted…

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