Dine & Unwind: MDVP Holiday 17

Dunk Listt | MDVP

Last weekend, Mel, Dave, Vic, and I did our annual staycation (last year’s), this year focusing on unwinding and dining. This was a hard, treat yo-self type of situation since we’ve all been so busy. With Mel and Dave working and renovating their house at the same time, and Vic and I committing to this and working full time, we have very little time to just hang out with each other or to just chill. We set aside this weekend in the middle of the crazy holiday times to ensure that we could give ourselves a small break.

Thanks to Buick, we were able to start the weekend off in luxury going for a nice drive through High Park in a Buick Enclave. It was a great way to start the weekend because car rides are probably the most underrated way to enjoy each other’s company. It allowed us to catch up, and take in some nice scenery with snow!


Dunk Listt | Buick Enclave


We then made our way over to the Sheraton Centre. Personally, this place has a lot of value for me as it’s helped me avoid the cold in so many years past. For those of you, who try to avoid the cold as much as possible in Toronto, note that the Sheraton has PATH access! I’ve walked through countless times to avoid the cold, and have always wanted to stay in the Hotel as a guest.

Dressed head to toe in Banana Republic, we had dinner at BnB (Burgers & Bistro). I’m all about burgers, so when I heard the name, I knew I was in for some delicious food. Our drinks orders were taken promptly and included a mocktail for Mel as well. I pulled the audible at the last second (I’m that guy who chokes under pressure when ordering) and got the salmon, which was incredibly tender.



We settled up for the night and just chilled after dinner since we were exhausted. Kobe was excited to be spending the night with us at the hotel as well, especially since the hotel treated him to his very own dog bed that was about 5 times his size.  As I was getting ready for bed, I realized that I didn’t bring my face wash (that’s about the only skin care my face gets because it gets really oily), I stole some of Vic’s Estee Lauder make up wipes. It worked surprisingly well to clear up my pores and was minimal amounts of work to clear me up, exactly what I wanted after a long day.

The next morning is when we were able to really unwind. Sleeping in, a continental breakfast with a gorgeous view of Nathan Philips Square, and treating ourselves to our own spa service. With this dry winter, I had to steal some of Vic’s Origins Moisture Lotion (do you see this recurring trend of me stealing Vic’s stuff).



We enjoyed a nice chill day, took Kobe out, and got to watch Vince Carter’s potentially last game in Toronto (say it ain’t so!) during our hors d’oeuvres in the Sheraton Lounge. Last but not least, we were able to wander through Nathan Philip’s Square’s Holiday Fair, which was just across the street from the hotel. The location coincidence was perfect as I had been wanting to check it out. Although I’m not the most festive person, I know Vic really enjoys the holidays so I’ve been making more of an effort to appreciate the season a little bit more.



The next morning was a harsh check back into reality. Jackets on, boots zipped up, and we were on our way out. What a sad way to end a great weekend, but who knows, maybe next time it’ll end up with us in tanks instead of hoodies!


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