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During the Holiday season, most of us are in the same boat. What do I get for my significant other? The issue is long-standing, because it’s so hard to shop for someone else. No matter how well you know someone, it’s so hard to find the perfect gift. So what do you do? You look for subtle hints of what that person has talked about over the past few months of what they could want.

This has been my strategy for Vic for the past few years because she always complains that I’m impossible to shop for.  So I drop hints and hope she remembers them. Now to make it a step easier, I’ve included a quick gift guide for guys to use going forward.

1. Wireless Ear Buds

I’m that guy who still uses my old iPod Nano when I go to the gym because I only have wired headphones and I don’t want to risk my phone getting in the way of the workout. I’m always worried that if I bring my phone, then it would interfere with the workout because my headphone wire is only so long.

With wireless ear buds, you can bring your phone into the gym and set it down while you’re doing a workout or put it further away while you’re music keeps blaring.

2. Photography Backpack

Although I love my current Adidas backpack, it’s not the most conducive to helping me shoot all weekend, or sometimes, even all week. When we’re shooting, it’s more than just grabbing the camera and go. There’s all the equipment that I need to carry along. Camera body and lens, other lens, other cameras, batteries, drone?!

My current backpack is not currently designed to sit on my back comfortably for hours at a time. Rather, it’s for a quick spurt where I can stack things on top of each other. Equipment backpacks often have dividers and extra back/shoulder support where it’s needed most.

3. Grooming Kit

This is so varied depending on your routine and the amount of maintenance that’s required. I’m the type of guy who uses a face wash, and uses specific lotions for face, hands, and body.

The Body Shop has different types of men’s grooming kits ranging from ones with eye serum to others with a gym towel to use. The diversity in the products makes it so much easier when you need to shop (or have someone shop FOR YOU).

4. Sneakers

Vic is always on my case about getting new shoes and I don’t blame her, but I think she just needs to learn to embrace my love for sneakers and be supportive. Since I grew up watching basketball, Jordans have always been up on my list and it still hasn’t changed. My personal favourite Jordans are the KAWS Jordan 4s (good luck with that..), Flu Game 12s, Space Jam 11s, and Royal Blue 1s.

5. Duffle Bag

With the constant travels, a duffle bag is an absolute must. This is the best way to class it up for a weekend away where you don’t want to bring your gym bag, nor do you want to lug around luggage. A nice duffle bag will fit everything you need while making you look fresh for all the photos you’ll be posing for (ha…let’s be real, you’re most likely behind the camera).

6. Chelsea Boots

I’m also a huge fan of Chelsea boots for basically every occasion. Whether you’re just going into the office for a regular day, or you’re going to a Christmas party, Chelsea boots work with basically every type of pant and when done right, are just as comfortable as a good pair of sneakers.

7. Power Outlet

We’ve entered the realm of practicality here as power outlets are heavily under-utilized, especially when you host a lot. Regular power bars are effectient, but power outlets that include USB ports make your outlets much more efficient. This way you can have phones, tablets, laptops, and vacuum cleaneers all going at once! Cheesy? Kind of. Practical? Hell yeah.

8. Workout Gear

New year, new me, right? Well new me is smelly after workout sessions, has a limited quantity of clothes, and doesn’t want to do laundry all the time. Workout pants and shirts are welcome, preferably something breathable!

9. Watch

As equally important as shoes, ties, or any other accessory, a watch plays a critical role in your outfit. Complete your look with a watch that brings your outfit together. Despite everyone having phones and using them to tell time, there’s something about the feeling of checking your wrist for the time.

Dunk Listt | Gift Guide

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